Curious how the City spends money? This is where you can view the City’s expenditures. Expenditures occur when funds are used to pay for things like street repairs, police and fire services, payroll for employees, or any other function of the City.


Where does the City’s money come from? This is where you’ll learn about the City’s various sources of revenue, including income taxes, and fees from things like parking tickets and building permits.

Purchase Orders

Once the City has chosen a vendor through our purchasing process, a purchase order (PO) is issued, detailing the job that will be completed and reserving the funds needed. This is where you’ll find the POs between the City and our vendors. The POs indicate the types, quantities, and prices of the goods or services being procured.


The City works with a variety of vendors to carry out our daily functions. This is where you’ll be able to see who our current partners are, how much they were paid, and for what goods/services. Sometimes, checks go uncashed for these services. You can also find information on unclaimed funds here.


Click below to look at City of Columbus Vendor Services. Explore past and present Vendor Bids.

Published Financial Reports and Other City Data

The City Auditor's Office publishes an audited Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) and other financial statements. In addition, other City of Columbus agencies provide data visualizations at another site. Click below to explore them.